Basic Search

Use Basic Search to begin your quest for data.

  • Enter a keyword (or more)
  • Make a few selections
  • Click Search to see the results.

To reset all filters and clear the search, click Reset in the basic search panel above.

Help Basic Search

Keyword Search

Enter one or multiple text keywords to begin your search.

Clear the keyword search field.


Select the parameter to sort search results based on; Title, Relevance or Agency.

Sort Order

Select the order to display the search results; Ascending or Descending.


Set the number of results to show in the search reslts panel; 30, 100, 500, 1000, 2000 or 5000.

*Note: the greater the number, the greater the time required to render the results.


Reset all search parameters and filters and clear the search.

Export as...

Export the search results for further analysis. Export formats include CSV, HTML and PDF.


Apply filters and execute the search.

Search by Keyword

Records can be searched by using keywords or text strings. The keyword search tool utilizes boolean operators to refine searches containing multiple words and returns search results sorted by relevance. The hints below will help with your keyword searches.

  1. AND is the default search operator when multiple text words are entered in a search. The filter will assume AND in the search. Example: Searching for caribou population will return records that contain both caribou AND population in the record.
  2. A plus (+) can be used to require additional text in the selected record similar to AND. Example: caribou + population will require that both the words caribou and population occur in the record.
  3. When multiple text words are entered between double quotes ("), the search will require that the words between the quotes be searched as a phrase in the order they are entered between the quotes. Example: "caribou population" text string will result in a search for occurrences of "caribou population" in a record. Use of single quotes (') around the search string will not produce similar results as the double quotes (").
  4. A minus (-) can be used to remove (NOT) records with a particular text string. However it can only be used together with other text and cannot be entered alone. Example: caribou - population will return all records where caribou occurs as text but will exclude records containing population.