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We've done our best to make finding scientific and spatial data as simple as possible, but just in case we've missed something, use the image below to take a tour of the data search page and explore the different features that were created to help you find the best data.

Help Tour

Use the map to identify datasets that have a location associated with them.

Click on a cirlce to select and highlight the data oroject precord in the results panel.

Search Results

The number of results per page is determined by the selected "Limit" in the search panel. Use the buttons to navigate between results.

View to the next page.

View the previous page.

Navigate to the last page of results.

Return to the first page of results.

These same options are availble at the bottom of the search results page.

Record Type

Data: A downloadable file, or group of files, usually of the same data type.

Project: A collection of different data types, that are all associated with a single record. A project may contain several data types including maps, GIS, images, databases, etc., or may only contain information on the project.

Quick View

Use this quick view to see what the data looks like.

Zoom to record on the map.

If the button is visible, the record has a geographic location associated with it and is displayed on the map.

More Information

Click More to view additional recor details.

View the full record

Click Full Record to open a new window with detailed information about the record, download options, and contact information.

Zoom in and out

Click the button to zoom in.

Click the button to zoom out.

Alternatively, zoom in to a specific area by holding down the shift key while left clicking the mouse with the cursor on one corner and dragging the cursor to the opposite corner of the area of interest.

Map Window Controls

Zoom to default extent.

Select area of interest.

Make visible or hide map.

Make the map larger or smaller.

Make map full screen or return to normal.

Select base map

Available Base Layers include:

  • Google Physical
  • Google Streets
  • Google Hybrid
  • Google Satellite
  • GINA Best Data Layer
  • GINA Nautical Charts
  • GINA Landsat Panchromatic
  • GINA Shaded Relief
  • GINA Topographic DRG
  • Alaska SDMI Ortho-Natural Color
  • Alaska SDMI Ortho-Color Infrared
  • Alaska SDMI Grayscale

Not all base map layers are always available. Availability varies based on the map projection.

Keyword Search

Enter one or multiple text keywords and click the search button to view the results.


Select the parameter to sort search results based on; Title, Relevance or Agency.

Sort Order

Select the order to display the search results; ascending or descending.


Set the number of results to show in the search reslts window; 30, 100, 500, 1000, 2000 or 5000.

*Note: the greater the number, the greater the time required to display the results.


Reset the search parameters.

Export as...

Export the search results for further analysis; CSV, HTML or PDF.


Apply search parameters.


Click on a collection name to search within that collection. This filter remains active until another Collection is selected, or you click on the selected Collection again to deactivate it.

For each collection, the number of records in that Collection are displayed.

Advanced filters

Click to expand the advanced filters menu. Use one or multiple advanced filters to refine your search.

Available Advanced Filters include; Record Type, Data Type, Status, Start and End Dates, ISO topic, Region, Agency , and Contact.

To apply the advanced filters, click Apply at the bottom of the advanced filters menu or click Search above.

Map Legend

- Projects

- Data

- Selected Record

- Area of Interest

Status Icons

Not Published: This record has not been published and is only visible when logged in as a catalog manager.

Has Location: This record has a geographic location associated with it, and is displayed on the map.

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Welcome to the Alaska Science Catalog Help
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