gLynx Manager Bar

Hover your cursor over the pulsing target to learn more about different features.
Help Manager Bar

Manage Portal

Use the Manage Portal dropdown menu to access and manage different gLynx modules. List content varies depending on account settings.

  • Dashboard: Get an overview of data downloads and usage from the dashboard.
  • CMS: Create, Edit and control the content and webpages within your site.
  • Catalog: Create, Edit and Manage project and data records in the Data Catalog.
  • Settings: Update the website settings, map projections and social media accounts.
  • Permissions: Manage user accounts, permissions and roles.

Switch Portals

Quickly navigate to the other gLynx instances your account is linked to. Click the Switch Portal dropdown to access the list of available gLynx portals.


View any notifications or announcements from the portal admins or GINA gLynx support.

User Logout

Click your user name to expand the dropdown and select Logout to logout of gLynx. Once logged out, close the browser to clear the cache.

Back to Site

If viewing any of the gLynx manager modules, click Back to Site to return to the public site (this does not log you out of gLynx).

Switch to Production

If accessing the BETA (URL+?=BETA) version of a gLynx portal, click ! Switch to Production to return to the current production portal.