Catalog Record Quick Guide

  1. Login to the CMS
    Login to the portal to access the Content Management System.
    To sign in to gLynx:
  2. Go to the Data Catalog

    Select Catalog from the Manage Portal menu.

    Visit Catalog Manager Overview for more information on Catalog management.

Help Catalog Menu
  1. Catalog Manager

    From the Catalog Manager page you can search for project and data records. Catalog managers can create new, edit, publish, share and delete catalog records, manage contacts and agencies, and create record collections. Use the advanced search options to filter the records. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate between the different options.

  2. Edit Catalog Record

    To edit the content of an existing record, verify that the record is editable in the Editable? column and click on the record name. Visit the Edit Record help page for more information.

Help Catalog
  1. Create New Record

    To create a new record, click on the New Record button located in the top-center of the Catalog Manager window. You will be directed to the New Catalog Record window where you can create the new data or project record.
    Visit Catalog Record Management for more information on creating and editing a catalog record.

  2. Publish Catalog Record

    After creating and new data record, the record remains hidden from the public until it has been reviewed through the QA/QC process and published by a Catalog Manager or administrator.

    To publish an existing record, login to the portal with Catalog Manager rights, select the record to publish from the data search menu, click on Manage and click Publish.

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