Edit Page

Adding and editing content is simple with gLynx. Edits can be basic, or take full advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 standards. The windows below will introduce you to the editor window and the basic editing capabilities.

Get acquainted with the CMS manager below. Hover your cursor over or tap the pulsing target to learn more about the different CMS features. For additional information, visit the Content Managment System help pages.

Help CMS Editor

Editing Page Title

It's best to know what you're doing! This line will let you know what page you are editing.

If it is a new page you are editing, it will read "Editing New Page" until the page has been saved. When editing layouts and snippets, the notice will reflect this.

Update Details

Find out who did what and when here.

Page Title

Read, enter or update the page title here.

Advanced Options

Click Advanced Options for options such as:

  • Description
  • Parent
  • Layout
  • Slug
  • Show in Main Menu


The Body tab controls the main content for the page. Whatever is in the content window of the body tab will display in the page.


If you would like to include a collection of images in the page, enter them into the images tab.

For more information on the image tab, see the Images help page.

Add Tab

Add additional tabs as needed. Additional tabs can be used to contain draft versions of the content window, or to contain segments of a page.

To add the contents of one tab to the Body tab, or another tab, enter:
{ { page.content.tab_name } } where you want the content of the tab to appear.

Format Bar

Use the buttons in the format bar to easily format content.

For more information on the format bar, see Format Content below.

Content Window

Enter content into this window. Text can be entered as plan text and will appear as a solid block in the page, or entered with HTML tags for formatting.

The content shown is entered with HTML tags to format the content with a heading, text in a paragraph, and images from the image tab shown using the Liquid Helpers.

Save and Close

Save the page and all edits and return to the CMS manager interface.


Save the page and all edits and remain in the Edit Page window.

Make Draft

Are you still working on your page? Click the Make Draft checkbox to hide the page from public users.

Managers are able to view Draft pages from the CMS manager interface.


Click Back to leave the page and return to the CMS Manager's interface.

Edits made since the last save will not be saved when going back.

Format Content

The format bar appears in the content window on the edit page (on all body and additional tabs), and is also used in the create layout and snippets windows. The format bar allows easy formatting using common HTML tags, adding lists, links, images, icons and liquid logic.

To add a formatted element from the format bar, click the desired button and enter the information between the HTML tags, or highlight the existing content you wish to format and then press the button to wrap the content with the HTML tags.

Save the edits and open the page to view the formatting.

Help CMS Format
  • Undo the previous action
  • Redo the previous undo
  • H1 Heading 1

  • H2 Heading 2

  • H3 Heading 3

  • H4 Heading 4

  • H5 Heading 5
  • P Paragraph
  • BR Line break
  • Make the font bold
  • Make the text italicized
  • Insert and unordered list (eg. this list)
  • Insert an odered list (1., 2., 3.)
  • Insert new list item (line) in ordered or un-ordered list. List item element must be nested within the ordered or unorded list.
  • Insert a link to another page
  • Insert a picture
  • Liquid Helpers Click to expand the liquid helpers.
    For additional help with Liquid, visit the Liquid help page.
  • Icons Insert an Icon. gLynx uses Font Awesome icons.

For additional information on editing using HTML, see the Advanced Editing help page or visit W3schools.com.

Advanced Options

Help CMS Advanced


The slug is the title used in the URL. Each page must have a unique slug. The slug is populated automatically when the page title is entered; however, the slug can be changed by entering the new slug in the box.
Spaces are not allowed in the slug.

Redirect to URL

Enter the complete URL to redirect the page to a different webpage.


Select a parent to nest the page under. If no parent is selected, the page will be a first level page and can be viewed in the main menu if desired.


Select the layout for the page from the list of available layouts.

Show in Main Menu

Check to show the page in the main menu.
Page will appear in main menu if the page is a first level page (not the child of another page.)
Page will not appear in main menu.

Menu Icon

Select an Icon to display next to the page name in the Main Menu.
Icons are from Font Awesome.


Enter a page description (eg. summary, author, date, etc.). The description is only visible when queried using Liquid syntax from within the page layout or content.

Save Page

Help CMS Make Draft Help CMS Save Help CMS Save Close


If you receive this error in the upper-right hand corner while trying to save your edits:

XThis file has changed after you started editing, please copy your changes and reload the page to continue editing.

copy your changes and reload the page before continuing to edit. This error occurs because the page is open and has been saved from another widow (either by you or another CMS manager).