Advanced Editing

The gLynx software package is built on the robust open-source technologies and conforms to the latest web standards. gLynx uses the latest HMTL standard, HTML5 and CSS3.


HTML5 is the latest HMTL standard for the web, replacing previous versions on HTML. HTML5 is designed for the modern web, allowing for rich content and eliminating the need for plugins.

For more on HTML5, see


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to describe how to display HTML elements. CSS3 is the latest standard for CSS. It is backwards compatible with previous versions of CSS.

For more on CSS3, see


Bootstrap is one of the most popular open source libraries used on the web today. gLynx uses Bootstrap as its front-end framework.

For more on Boostrap, see

Liquid Markup

Liquid is a markup language that allows for a safe, simple template language that can be used to design flexible web apps without comprimising the host servers.

For more information on using liquid markup within gLynx, see Liquid Helpers in the gLynx help.

For more on Liquid by Shopify, see Liquid for Designers.