Secure Data System

Secure Data Services

Access to catalog records within gLynx portals is administered through Secture Data Services (SDS) data record management. With SDS Catalog Managers can Use Agreements and request contact information be submitted prior to downloading data.

Additionally, data record managment and access can be administered through the Identity Management tool for gLynx. The Identity managment system is handled using open standards, including OpenID and OAuth, to provide secure, distributed and single-sign-on access to the portals. Authorization is handled on a per portal basis, and provides fine grain control for each users access to the portal. Authorization assignment in the itentiy management tool is delegated to to portal users with administrative privileges.

Select SDS for Record

By default, when a new catalog record is created, it is not published and is only available to users who are logged in with Catalog Manager or Administrator privileges. After a catalog record has been published it becomes publicly available in the data search portal. Access to download the data associated with the data record can be controlled using the SDS. There are two optional SDS requirements available for every data recrod:

  1. Ask for Contact Information: The data manager can either request or require the users contact information be entered before the data can be downloaded.
  2. Present Use Agreement: A data use agreement/disclaimer can be attached to the record and presented to the user before access to the data is allowed.

Use of these two options, generates four different SDS options for the user:

  1. If no options are selected, there is not SDS for the record.
  2. If Ask for Contact Information is selected, the user will be presented with a use agreement upon clicking download.
  3. If Present Use Agreement is selected, the user will be presented with a use agreement upon clicking download.
  4. If both options, Ask for Contact Information and Present Use Agreement are selected, the user will be presented with a Use Agreement and REQUIRED to enter their contact information when downloading a data record.

Additionally, remotely hosted data can either be directly linked to or can redirect the user to any existing data authorization systems already in place for download access. All downloads are logged within the system and available to portal administrators.

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