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DOI on the Landscape - Avian Population Response to Ecological Change along the Arctic Coastal Plain

The Arctic Coastal Plain (ACP) region of Alaska contains the vast majority of the nation's arctic tundra ecosystems that exist for the most part in a pristine, but ecologically sensitive state. Some of the most common indicators of environmental change are changes in land form, which can affect the biophysical patterns and processes within both hydrologic and terrestrial systems. Arctic environments are particularly susceptible to disturbance and change. Positive feedbacks are more common in permafrost environments leading to accelerating rates of change in response to perturbations. Within lacustrine habitats, changes in the amount and duration of ice and snow cover on the surface dramatically impact nutrient composition, flow, and virtually all other ecological variables within the lakes.

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Status: Complete
Start Date: 2004/01/01
Type: Project
End Date: 2008/12/31
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Flint, Paul
Work: (907) 786-7183
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Schmutz, Joel
Work: (907) 786-7186
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US Geological Survey

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US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Bureau of Land Management

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