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North Slope Land Cover Map, 1986

This ARC/INFO map provides a spatially explicit representation of the nature and distribution of land cover and tundra types on the North Slope of Alaska. This was done in support of extrapolating ecosystem models developed in the Kuparuk to the North Slope.

A 26 image mosaic of Multi-Spectral Scanner (MSS) satellite data covering the tundra regions of the North Slope of Alaska was obtained for the purpose of creating the land-cover map of the North Slope. The satellite mosaic was prepared by the National Mapping Division, U.S. Geological Survey, EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD. The entire mosaic covered from approximately 68 degrees North latitude in Alaska to the Arctic Coast.

(Digital Data Code) Map Unit Names*: (1) Dry Prostrate-shrub Tundra and Barrens (2) Moist Graminoid, Prostrate-shrub Tundra (nonacidic) (9) Moist Tussock-graminoid, Dwarf-shrub Tundra (cold, acidic) (3) Moist Dwarf-shrub, Tussock-graminoid Tundra (typcial tussock tundra) (4) Moist Low-shrub Tundra and Other Shrublands (5) Wet Graminoid Tundra (6) Water (7) Clouds and ice (8) Shadows

Images for the mosaic were acquired during snow-free growing seasons between 14 August 1976 through 13 September 1986.

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Status: Complete
Start Date: 1976/08/14
Type: Data
End Date: 1986/01/01
Data Types: GIS
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Walker, Donald A. (Skip)
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National Center for Atmospheric Research - Earth Observing Laboratory

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