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Ecosystems of Northern Alaska - Map Product

A map of local-scale ecosystems (ecotypes) that encompasses the Brooks Range, Brooks Foothills, and Beaufort Coastal Plain ecoregions was compiled using vegetation structure associated with existing landcover maps derived from satellite image processing as well as physiography (i.e., coastal, floodplain, alpine), topography (DEM modeling), and bedrock characteristics to model ecotypes that best partition geomorphic, hydrologic, pedologic, and vegetative characteristics. A classification was developed that included 7 alpine, 9 upland, 5 lowland, 10 riverine, 4 coastal, and 1 human-modified ecotypes which encompass a broad diversity of ecological characteristics ranging from boreal forests in the southern Brooks Range to brackish meadows along the Beaufort Sea coast.

A raster dataset representing this information is available separately (Note:raster dataset has been updated since 2004 map production).

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Status: Complete
Type: Data
End Date: 2004/09/29
Data Types: Map
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Alaska, Northslope Borough

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