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Ecological Land Survey for the Colville River Delta, Alaska 1996

In this study, we used an ecological land survey (ELS) mapping approach that inventoried terrain units (surficial geology, waterbodies), surface forms (primarily ice-related features), and vegetation (land cover) characteristics on the delta and adjacent coastal plain (117,142 ha; 289,464 acres). This information was used to map integrated terrain units (ITUs) that incorporated the three components into one classification.

Nineteen terrestrial terrain units, 19 waterbodies, 16 surface forms, and 17 vegetation classes were identified for mapping and combined into 178 ITUs. For the purposes of ecosystem analysis, we aggregated the ITUs into a more general classification of 36 ecosystem classes (Ecosites 1:50000) that preserved both geomorphic and vegetative characteristics. We also classified and mapped the area on a smaller scale (Ecodistricts 1:200,000). The classification of Ecodistricts (7 classes, e.g. Colville River Delta) and Ecosubdistricts (17 classes, e.g., Outer Colville River Delta) is based on landscapes with similar geology, geomorphology, and hydrology.

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Status: Complete
Type: Data
End Date: 1997/09/01
Data Types: Report, Map
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Jorgenson, Torre
Email: ecoscience@alaska.net
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BP Exploration Alaska Inc.

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