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Survey of fish habitats in the Teshekpuk Lake region, 2003-2005. Final report. December 2007 (companion report to Technical Report 06-04)

Fish habitats and populations in and around Teshekpuk Lake were investigated during summers 2003 to 2005. Sampling was primarily by fyke net, supplemented by gill net. The area of focused study was selected after obtaining traditional local knowledge and reviewing fishing patterns in the region.

While broad whitefish was the primary species of interest, data were obtained on all captured species. Length, weight, age, sex, maturity and stomach samples were obtained for the three dominant species, broad whitefish, least cisco, and Arctic grayling. Broad whitefish and Arctic grayling were tagged with T-bar anchor tags, Radio transmitters were implanted in 94 selected broad whitefish. Water depth was measured throughout the study area to identify potential wintering areas. Invertebrate prey species were sampled by Petite Ponar, plankton net and sweep net.

Moulton L.L.,W.W.Morris, C.George, J.Bacon, J.R.Rose and M. Whitman. 2007. Survey of fish habitats in the Teshekpuk Lake region, 2003-2005. Final report, Tech. Rept. 06-04. North Slope Borough, Department of Wildlife Management, Barrow. 125 pp.

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