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GIS Data from the Alaska North Slope

This data set includes ArcInfo-formatted maps of the Kuparuk River Basin Region of the Alaskan North Slope (at 1:250,000 scale) and five subset study areas: the Upper Kuparuk River Basin Subregion (1:25,000), the Imnavait Creek Landscape (1:6,000), the Toolik Lake Landscape (1:5,000), the Imnavait Creek Grid (1:500), and the Toolik Lake Grid (1:500).

Land cover (satellite-derived) and elevation data (USGS DEM-derived) are provided for the Kuparuk River Basin Region. For the five subset areas, an integrated terrain unit mapping (ITUM) approach simultaneously mapped vegetation and other terrain features as interpreted in the field from a common aerial-photograph base. The result is a single ITUM map for each area, including vegetation, geomorphology, glacial geology, and many other features. Various supplemental maps (e.g., hydrologic features and roads) for each of the areas are available for use as overlays.

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Status: Complete
Type: Data
End Date: 1996/01/01
Data Types: GIS, Map
Primary Contact
Walker, Donald A. (Skip)
Primary Agency
National Snow and Ice Data Center

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Alaska, Northslope Borough

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