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The Arctic Long Term Ecological Research (ARC LTER) site is part of a network of sites established by the National Science Foundation to support long-term ecological research in the United States. The long-term goal of Arctic LTER project is to predict the effects of environmental change.

Since 1983, the Streams Project at the Toolik Field Station has monitored physical, chemical, and biological parameters in a 5-km, fourth-order reach of the Kuparuk River near its intersection with the Dalton Highway and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. In 1989, similar studies were begun on a 3.5-km, third-order reach of a second stream, Oksrukuyik Creek.

Also, experimental fertilization of the Kuparuk River and Oksrukuyik Creek is conducted to determine the effects of added phosphorus and nitrogen on primary productivity, insect communities, and fish growth in arctic rivers.

LTER Stream Datasets: Temperature and discharge: contains summer temperature and discharge files for each stream.

Nutrients: contains files on weekly concentrations of phosphate, nitrate, and ammonium in each stream and in the Kuparuk and New Reach hyporheic zones.

Primary production: contains files on epilithic chlorophyll a concentrations and the metabolism of epilithic algae and bryophytes in each stream.

Insects: contains files on bottom and drift sampling of benthic insects in each stream.

Fish: contains files on growth of adult and young-of-the-year Arctic grayling, and on long-term tag/recovery of adult and juvenile grayling in each stream.

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Status: Ongoing
Start Date: 1983/01/01
Type: Data
Data Types: Database
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Shaver, Gus
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Arctic Long Term Ecological Research Site

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