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Landfire Existing Vegetation Type

LANDFIRE, also known as the Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools Project, is a five-year, multi-partner project producing consistent and comprehensive maps and data describing vegetation, wildland fuel, and fire regimes across the United States. It is a shared project between the wildland fire management programs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service and U.S. Department of the Interior. The project has four components: the LANDFIRE Prototype, LANDFIRE Rapid Assessment, LANDFIRE National, and Training/Technology Transfer.

LANDFIRE data products include layers of vegetation composition and structure, surface and canopy fuel characteristics, and historical fire regimes. LANDFIRE National methodologies are science-based and include extensive field-referenced data. LANDFIRE data products are designed to facilitate national- and regional-level strategic planning and reporting of wildland fire management activities. Data products are created at a 30-meter grid spatial resolution raster data set.

The existing vegetation type (EVT) product is provided in this download. The EVT layer represents the vegetation currently present at a given site. LANDFIRE vegetation map units are derived from NatureServe’s Ecological Systems classification, which is a nationally consistent set of mid-scale ecological units (Comer and others 2003). Existing vegetation is mapped through a predictive modeling approach using a combination of field reference information, Landsat imagery, and spatially explicit biophysical gradient data. Field data keyed to dominant vegetation type at the plot level were used as "training data" to drive the modeling process. Attribute information is provided that links the LANDFIRE EVT map units to existing classifications such as the National Vegetation Classification System and those of the Society of American Foresters and Society of Range Management.

A subset of the Alaska EVT product is provided in the dowload provided by NSSI Catalog for the North Slope of Alaska in .tif format. Subset and transformation to .tif format were performed by NSSI.

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Status: Complete
Type: Data
End Date: 2010/07/10
Data Types: GIS
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