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Ecosystems of Northern Alaska - Raster

This data set is the result of an effort to map the distribution of terrestrial ecosystems across the Alaska-Yukon Arctic ecoregion. The hierarchical classification system integrates physiography (coastal, floodplain, and alpine zones), topography, vegetation structure, and bedrock geology.

The rule-based GIS model utilizes a variety of mapping tools and spatial datasets, including a manual delineation of floodplains and coastal salt-affected areas (1:250,000 scale), several topographic indices to distinguish uplands from lowlands, and elevation to capture the alpine zone. These physiographic units are stratified according to vegetation structure, per five adjoining landcover datasets.

The landcover data available for this region varied in spatial resolution from 28.5 meters to 200 meters cell size. To preserve the grain of the highest resolution input datasets the cell size of the model output is 30 meters. Exposed bedrock is stratified by substrate chemistry.

Spatial and thematic accuracy varies across the geographic extent of the model output. Documentation is provided in the map product Ecosystems of Northern Alaska that is available separately within Catalog.

Note: The information in this dataset has been updated since the 2004 map publication. A map product update is being developed separately.

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