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Arctic Observing Networks: Collaborative Research: Sustaining and amplifying the ITEX AON through automation and increased

The goal of this project is to maintain the existing International Tundra Experiment Arctic Observing Network (ITEX AON) and increase the applicability of the data collected to the greater scientific community. The ITEX network has collected data on phenology, plant growth, community composition and ecosystem properties as part of a greater effort to study environmental arctic change. The network, started in early 1990’s, has played a key role in advancing knowledge related to the likely impacts of a warmer Arctic through the use of experimentally warmed and un-manipulated plots (i.e., the controls) across a range of sites and ecosystems that span the major vegetation types of the Arctic. While of great value, most ITEX measurements are labor intensive and time consuming, which limit the frequency and spatial extent of sampling.

But recent advances in sensor technology hold the promise to allow surrogate sampling of these manual measurements rapidly and over larger areas. This work will continue the ITEX AON observations and initiate a suite of related, non-intrusive measurements using robotic sensor platforms (networked info-mechanical systems, NIMS). These new measurements will enable scaling of measurements to the regional level by linking to existing 1 km2 sample grids and satellite imagery. These data are urgently needed to improve our capacity to monitor the impacts of changing tundra vegetation on the arctic system. This work should improve our understanding of the exchange of carbon and water across the land atmosphere interface and provide information on forage quality for herbivores.

This collaboration is a renewal of ITEX research previously funded under lead grant 0632277. The PIs--0856710, Oberbauer, FIU, LEAD; 0856628, Tweedie, UTEP; 0856516, Hollister, GVSU; and 0856728, Welker, UAA--will continue ITEX measurements (and introduce novel “info-mechanical” systems to the research) at ITEX plots established at Barrow, Atqasuk, Toolik, and Imnavait, Alaska, and Thule Greenland from 2010 through 2013. In 2014, research will continue in Alaska only.

For logistics details, see the record for grant 0856710 in this database.

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Status: Funded
Start Date: 2009/01/01
Type: Project
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Hollister, Robert
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Grand Valley State University/Biology

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National Science Foundation

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National Science Foundation

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