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An interdisciplinary monitoring mooring in the western Arctic boundary current: Climatic forcing and ecosystem response

This award is funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-5).

This grant supports the deployment of a single, strategically placed mooring in the core of the western Arctic boundary current east of Barrow Canyon, which will collect measurements permitting estimation of both the along-stream and cross-stream fluxes of important physical, chemical, and biological quantities. These year-round time series will enhance our understanding of the western Arctic ocean-atmosphere-ice system, including crucial aspects of the ecosystem that cannot presently be addressed due to ice cover. Analysis of a previously deployed high-resolution mooring array at the site has enabled the PI to determine the optimal placement and design of the mooring, and has provided insights into the vast amount of information that can be obtained from such a time-series. Using new generation moored profilers, the instrument will provide full-water column traces (from near the seafloor to the underside of the ice) of temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, chlorophyll fluorescence, nitrate, backscatter (a proxy for zooplankton) and velocity. In addition, the mooring will provide time-series of ice thickness and ice velocity, bottom pressure, and marine mammal calls.

Researchers on this collaborative project composed of grants 0856244 (Pickart, WHOI), 0855828 (Stafford, UW) and 0856210 (Mathis, UAF), will place a mooring in the western Arctic boundary current east of Barrow Canyon, Alaska. The mooring will measure both the along-stream and cross-stream fluxes of important physical, chemical, and biological quantities. The instrument will be developed in 2009. During that period, researchers will use a mooring (as well as the acoustic instruments) already placed by a NOPP-funded project to collect information.

In 2010 and for each year after, researchers will embark from Barrow or Dutch Harbor on a cruise to deploy, maintain, or recover the instrument and its data; they will also perform a ship-based hydrographic/velocity survey. The mooring will be in place for 4 years before being recovered in 2013. In 2010, the PI will present the research goals to, and discuss the timing of the cruise with, the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission. Then, in t...

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Status: Funded
Start Date: 2009/01/01
Type: Project
End Date: 2014/12/31
Primary Contact
Pickart, Robert
Email: rpickart@whoi.edu
Primary Agency
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/Physical Oceanography Dept.

Funding Agency
National Science Foundation

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National Science Foundation

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climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere, oceans

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