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Changing Daily Wind Speeds on Alaska's North Slope: Implications for Rural Hunting Opportunities

Hansen, Winslow D., Brinkman, Todd J., Leonawicz, Matthew, Chapin III, F. S., & Kofinas, Gary. (2013). Changing Daily Wind speeds on Alaska's North Slope: Implications for Rural Hunting Opportunities. Arctic, 66(4), 448-458.

Collaboration with hunters from the coastal community of Wainwright, Alaska, to document their observations of environmental change (e.g., sea ice, wind, temperature) and the implications of those changes for opportunities to hunt bowhead whale during spring and caribou during summer. Integration of hunter observations on wind with statistical analysis of daily wind speed data collected in the nearby community of Barrow, Alaska, between 1971 and 2010 to characterize changes in the number of days with suitable hunting conditions.

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